Kathryn Apel’s Visit

Yesterday Kathryn Apel came to our school from Queensland. When we came into the room I was like ” WOW a real author!” She showed us some of her book trailers. Her book bully on the bus was kind of related to her.

When her two sons where at school they went on a bus, and the bully took his eggs. Just like the book but the bully in the book took his cupcakes. Kathryn Apel is very creative with her poems. She can make her poem into shapes of things. Kathryn writes verse novels.

Here are some of her books.  📖Kathryn Apel’s books📖

Here is some information about Kathryn Apel. Kathryn Apel

Kathryn Apel gave us some advice for when we make poems.

This book is about a little boy named Leroy and how he gets bullied on the bus. The bully takes his stuff and throws it out the window. He try’s and try’s to stop the bully.

Here is a link to Kathryn Apel’s blog.


✈️A Very Plane Blog Post✈️

Today we are doing a test of how far our paper planes can go.

I predict that my paper plane will fly 12 metres.

I think my bulldog dart will stay in the air for 8 seconds.

I think The Monkey  will stay in the air for 11 seconds.

When I finished testing my paper plane I will be back with some data.

I think the monkey paper aeroplane will fly further that my bulldog data. Here are my measurements for my Bulldog Dart.

Length: 23cm

Width: 7cm

Area: 164.5cm square

Height: 10cm

These are the measurements for The Monkey.

Length: 19cm

Width: 6.5cm

Area: 123.5 cm square

Height: 10.5cm


Here is a video of paper planes.


Here is a website that helped me.




A mandala is very special art. It gives calm, mindfulness and and keeps you happy. If you’re mindful, your pencil will be light, and if your pencil is dark you are not peaceful and calm.

Earth Expo

On Wednesday  the 14th of December we had our unique earth expo my topic was underwater volcanoes here is a photo of my poster.


A girl called Aoife did a model of a volcano.


These are the people that came.


Dividing and Sharing

Today in maths we were doing division we used bundles of ten to work them out.

In the past I have pretended to use counters as blueberries and sharing them between my friends. Here is a picture of my division.

img_6031 img_6032 img_6033

I used multiplication and addition to help me work them out.

I was dividing two digit numbers.